sexta-feira, 29 de maio de 2009


Dear Sébastien, Marcelo and Mária,

The paintings have arrived to Braga safely! 
I was starting to plan the logistics for the afterwards...
where are the paintings heading after the exhibition.
will they go back to Leiria?
can they be handed to someone in Porto?

thanks for the help!

The moment of ""el Globo de Juan" is one of excitement!
Everything is working out fine! We're managing to generate a lot of enthusiasm on people and everyone around us is being very helpfull!

Thanks again for your part on that!

By the way, next Thursday we will be giving an interview foe the "RUM" - radio universidade do Minho and we will be talking in a round of informal talks in the "noites do Tanque" in Velha-a-branca. And, of course, the event will start on Saturday at 15.00 and we will be showing and seeing what others come up with. Short films, painting, photography, sculpture, installations, video-art, actions, happenings, concerts, DJ set, some "aperos", drinks,... and all of this without any commercial purpose! the entry is free and we will try to cover our (forcefully reduced) costs by selling the catalogue where all the participants are come together and with the help of few but brave supporters . Everyone is coming because of people's will to share creativity! This is this is really what art is supposed to generate! 

Will we see you there? 

We will be in touch!



  Pedro Guedes

* El Globo de Juan *

quarta-feira, 27 de maio de 2009


domingo, 17 de maio de 2009


El Globo de Juan está ya en el Facebook!!!
Queremos tenerte como amigo!! (también ahí!)

O El Globo de Juan já está no Facebook!!
Queremos ter-te como amigo! (tambéma aí!)

6-7 Junho Junio > EL GLOBO DE JUAN #2

6 - 7 JUNHO
Amigos! Está para MUITO BREVE o próximo encontro
El Globo de Juan
Para aguçar o apetite deixamos-vos com a lista de participantes no evento!
Contamos com a vossa presença nos dias 6 e 7 do próximo mês,
no estaleiro cultural Velha-a-Branca, em Braga - Portugal.

Sábado 6
15h00 (inauguração) > 02h00

Domingo 7
11h00> 18h00 (encerramento)


6 - 7 JUNIO

Amigos! MUY PRONTO será el proximo encuentro
El Globo de Juan
Para abriros el apetito os dejamos con la lista de participantes!

Contamos con vuestra presencia los días 6 y 7 del mes de junio, en el Astillero Cultural
Velha-a-Branca, en Braga - Portugal.

Sábado 6
15h00 (inauguración) > 02h00

Domingo 7
11h00 > 18h00 (cierre)